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Medical Transportation in Lake Worth

Wheelchair Transportation in Lake Worth

We are a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company for Lake Worth and surrounding areas specializing in Ambulatory Transportation, Wheelchair Transportation, Stretcher Transportation, Disabled Transportation and Senior Transportation services. 


Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) exists to ensure that everyone facing transportation challenges can still access preventative and specialty medical care.  As a result, engaging us will improve overall health outcomes, avoid costly ambulance bills, and decrease emergency room visits. The benefits of NEMT services are especially significant for those struggling who are confined to a wheelchair, who have chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD) and for those recovering from injuries or a major health crisis (car accidents, stroke, amputation, joint replacement surgery).    

Medical Transportation in Lake Worth 


We are a proud provider of safe, reliable, and cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation for a variety of healthcare facilities, agencies, and private pay individuals. We provide ambulatory (walk-on assist), wheelchair, and reclining stretcher-chair transportation in Lake Worth. 

Senior Transportation Services in Lake Worth

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