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Medical Transportation in Riviera Beach

Wheelchair Transportation in Riviera Beach

Non-emergency medical transportation is suitable for elderly patients or patients with special transport needs. This specific transportation method requires specialized equipment and certified professionals to ensure the safety of the passenger. Sometimes it can be a hassle to schedule these types of transportation companies. Still, with us., it does not have to be. We are open for anybody needing  our wheelchair transportation services in Riviera Beach.


Safe Travels Transportation

If you are in Riviera Beach rest assured our vans offer security and comfort. Our drivers have the proper training to handle any situation delicately. We also provide local and long-distance door-to-door elderly and handicapped transportation. Our passengers’ comfort and servicing an enjoyable ride is our number one priority. We take you to different places such as hospitals, long-term care centers, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, doctors’ offices, psychiatric facilities, and private residences. Rest assured all our clients arrive at their destination on time. Our equipment is specialized for people who have limited mobility, to make sure we take you where you need to be with comfort. Our vans have the proper maintenance and insurance because your welfare is a priority. 

Medical Appointment Transportation in Riviera Beach

Safe Travels Transportation


We are a leading provider of Non-Emergency Transportation services in Riveria Beach and its surrounding areas. From doctor appointment to parties, our company eliminates the stress and worry associated with getting to and from your place of appointment through its unique and discreet transportation service. Expect convenience round and through within a spacious design that complies with or exceed ADA guidelines. 


For the seniors on wheelchairs, scooters or walkers, there are full access ramps installed in all transportation vans to provide a direct access path. A comfortable and roomy passenger area is also available, while space is created beside your VIP driver, for added comfort. All transport vehicles are equipped with the latest fastening and innovative systems to ensure comfort, safety and enjoyable trip. 

Whatever your agenda or purpose, We have the means  has the means to get you there in the most comfortable manner and sophisticated style. 

Senior Transportation in Riviera Beach

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