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Delray Medical Center

Delray Medical Center Transportation Services

If you or a loved one lives in Delray, Safe Travels can assist with senior transportation. Often times, clients and family members alike request a caregiver to accompany them to a doctor’s appointment or need transportation to a family event. Unlike another ride service, the advantage of a caregiver driving a client to a doctor’s appointment is the caregiver is licensed to care for the elderly and disabled. Non medical support at home can help you maintain your independence with a little extra support from a licensed home health aide / certified nursing assistance.    Learn More.

In Good Hands

St Mary's Medical Center Transportation Services

St. Mary's

Looking for transportation for patients traveling to and from St Mary’s Medical Center? Look no further. Safe Travels is here to take the stress of you. All patients, regardless of where they are staying, will be provided transportation to and fro St. Mary’s Medical Center.  Learn More.

Beth W.

Bethesda Hospital West Transportation Services 

At Safe Travels we are committed to excellence in all we do. Our transportation services to Bethesda Hospital West is the most efficient in the state, averaging only 20 minutes. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our highly skilled staff is ready for whatever emergency life may bring you. Safe Travels  offers superior non emergency medical transportation services through our highly trained drivers and staff. Learn More.

White Van
Beth E.
Bethesda Hospital East Transportation Services 

Moving around gets harder and harder as you age, especially in a bustling city like Boynton Beach. Still, you have to get to places, honor appointments, and fulfill your everyday chores. Regular taxis are not wheelchair accessible and don’t cater to people with special needs. Don’t risk being late for your next doctor’s appointment with an unreliable and unsympathetic taxi service. At Safe Travels, we offer comfortable and timely transportation services to your doctor, airport, or other location. Learn More.

Executive, Corporate & Travel
West Boca Medical Transportation Services 
West Boca

At West Boca Medical Center. we know how important professional medical transportation is to you and your loved ones.  


Trust Safe Travels, with all your medical transportation, local and long distance, needs! We make traveling easier, safer and less stressful. Our vehicles have comfortable seating, you can even take a family member or your aide with you to your trips. It’s time to book your next trip with us. Call us today.  Learn More.

Senior Therapy
JFK North Hospital
JFK North Hospital Transportation Services

Safe Travels safely transports your high-value medical equipment with a well-choreographed approach to handling procedures and regulations. Our knowledgeable and experienced medical equipment transportation specialists know how to handle today’s most advanced and delicate equipment. Put your trust in our non emergency medical transport team. We will safely and efficiently get your medical equipment to the desired destination – guaranteed. Learn More.

Wellington Regional Medical Center Transportation Services

Safe Travels is a leading edge in long distance non emergency medical transportation providing high quality service and high quality care during transport. We are very proud of our organization and take great pride in our employees and our operations. We have several combined years in transport operations and provide our customers with outstanding care and service. Our fleet of comfortable car and shuttle buses are safe, comfortable, reliable and well equipped. Our transport teams are experienced and well trained. Each transport is operated with a 3 person team consisting of a Nurse/Paramedic and 2 drivers.  Learn More.

Safe Travels Transportation
Baptist Health Boca Raton Regional Hospital Transportation Services

As budgets tighten and demand for healthcare and transportation services continues to rise, Safe Travels is committed to helping payers do more with less. We look for opportunities to provide cost savings to clients at every turn, starting by embracing the latest technology. Our proven processes and automated systems methodically root out fraud, waste, and abuse and ensure that only eligible members receive services. Learn More. 

Safe Travels Transportation
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Transportation Services

Safe Travels was founded with a mission to provide the safest, most reliable, and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation in the area.  This emphasis on quality above all else has led us to become the number one provider of ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transportation services.  We work with the regions leading hospitals, long term care facilities, transit authorities, and consumers looking for high quality transportation at an affordable rate.  Call us today to get a free quote or learn more about how we can serve you! Learn More

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