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Medical Transportation in Royal Palm Beach 

Wheelchair Transportation in Royal Palm Beach

Generally, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is defined as a transportation service provided to individuals who are not currently experiencing an emergency but need more assistance than a taxi service can provide.  Often, patients require specially equipped vehicles to accommodate their mobility needs, including crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers, or other special requirements. We provide all transportation services that allow for comfortable and efficient curb-to-curb pick-up and drop-off. 


As a core solution, Non emergency medical transportation is for patients allowing them to access valuable and essential healthcare and participate in their own recovery.  We are a certified NEMT provider of non-emergency medical transportation services in Royal Palm Beach and its neighboring areas. It is our duty to safely and comfortably transport our Royal Palm Beach clients to and from their medical appointments, whether it be doctor’s appointments, dialysis treatments, or hospital discharge for

 wheelchair transportation services in Royal Palm Beach


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Medical Appointment Transportation in Royal Palm Beach

We offer a wide selection of clean, comfortable, highly maintained wheelchair accessible vehicles to address any mobility issues of our clients. Our professional drivers are well-trained in order to safely and conveniently drive you to and from your desired destination. We are dedicated to establishing the highest quality of non-emergency medical transportation services in the industry. Our fleet of wheelchair vans, passenger cars and mini vans are fully insured and are equipped with the latest technology to provide a safe and prompt trip for you or your loved one. Our drivers are trained in first aid and CPR and pride themselves in customer service, treating every customer like a member of our family. You can schedule a non-emergency medical transportation trip on the same day of your appointment or days in advance for your convenience. 



Leaving the house for a doctor’s visit, grocery store pickup, or social gathering can be a very challenging and even fearful experience if you’re in a wheelchair. Some rather stay home than call on friends or family for rides. We understand your mobility challenges and helps you get around safely and on time. Our certified driver-providers will pick you up from inside your home, chair lift you into the car, drive you to your destination, and assist you through the door. We empower you to easily access the world around you and get back to the activities you enjoy. Regain your autonomy with us today.

Senior Transportation in Royal Palm Beach

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