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Medical Transportation in West Palm Beach

Wheelchair Transportation in West Palm Beach

Our specialized vans were specifically designed to allow passengers to have a comfortable and safe ride with a great feeling of freedom! Our vehicles are very comfortable giving our passengers true comfort on every ride.  All of our vehicles have high weigh capacity ramps that our drivers are trained to help wheelchair or walker using passengers entering and exiting the vehicle for   wheelchair transportation services in West Palm Beach. 




We specialize in Non-Emergency Transportation which is transportation to and from doctor appointments, special events, rehabilitation appointments, and hospitals.  We offer Non emergency medical Transportation services in West Palm Beach and distance non emergency medical transportation in Palm Beach County for passengers needing transportation to out of state or cross state to specific hospitals.  We have specific vehicles we use for long distance trips that help make the long journey a safe and comfortable one!  

Medical Appointment Transportation In West Palm Beach

Executive, Corporate & Transportation


Our long distance transportation service can be booked for in state and out of state destinations.  Contact our dispatch team to get a quote on your trip so we can ensure your safety and convenience  to your destination each and every time you need us.  


We offer long distance non-emergency medical Transportation services in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. 

Senior Transportation in West Palm Beach

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