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Hospital Transportation in Lake Worth

It is not uncommon for patients within one hospital to require non-emergency transportation to another. Perhaps there is a specialist doctor in another location, or maybe a wider variety of services are offered somewhere else. Regardless of why, it can sometimes become difficult to decide just how to go from one hospital to another without incurring the massive costs associated with ambulance travel.


Oftentimes, a simple visit to the doctor can prevent something minor from becoming a full-blown catastrophe. With us, you can receive highly professional and affordable medical ground transportation from your home to a hospital, doctor’s office, physical therapist, or other medical professional. Our drivers and attendants will have your necessary medical information on file, ensuring that your transportation fulfills all your requirements and that you arrive where you need to be, safely, and on-time. NEMT services such as the one offered by us cut this problem out of the equation by providing affordable and professional medical transportation between hospitals to those who need it.


For many people, finding a way to make it from home to the doctor’s office is a difficult sea to navigate. Sometimes it is just the lack of close family or friends to helm the wheel. In these cases, the options might seem to be to either take a taxi or to call an ambulance. But taxi drivers don’t have the necessary training to deal with any amount of medical needs, and an ambulance ride is far from cheap. For this reason, Sinai offers transportation from wherever you happen to be, to your doctor, ensuring that you can leave your transportation worries behind. Book our services today!

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