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Patient Transport Services in Palm Beach County

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The caretaker is in charge of transferring patients from one unit to another within the health center or hospital, either through different means such as a pushchair, wheelchair or stretcher, or by his own foot if the patient is suitable for it in cities like Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Below is a quick checklist of items needed during each transport in Palm Beach County:

- Check the identity of the patient.

- Check the destination of the patient. The caretaker must explain to the patient and their families the route they are going to take and how they are going to do it.

- The guard must bring the necessary documentation for the test or consultation.

- The orderly must accompany the patient at all times. The patient cannot be left alone unless another professional takes care of him.

- The orderly will take the patient back to their room when the test or consultation is finished.

- The orderly must notify the responsible health personnel of the patient's return to the room.

- The caretaker must accommodate the patient in his room.

- The caretaker must leave the documentation in the place indicated by the health personnel.

- If the caretaker has to make a transfer from the bed to the pushchair at the time of the transfer of the patient, he must take into account the following aspects:

Patient Transportation Services in Boca Raton

During the transfer in Palm Beach County, the orderlies in charge of taking the patient to the required unit will also be in charge of taking with them the patient's personal belongings as well as their medical history and analytics or requests for tests, if necessary. Facilities in cities like Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach have this ability in Palm Beach County.

There are cases in which the transfer will be accompanied by a nursing or medical practitioner. The caretaker will make sure that the destination area will be prepared and ready to receive the patient and also, if any item such as a wheelchair is used in the transfer, he will be responsible for it being returned to its origin. Transfers must be carried out without wasting time, in such a way that their duration is as short as possible, but always bearing in mind that you should not run but you must go as quickly as possible, making the patient suffer as little as possible in Boca Raton. They will keep the brake of the wheelchair, stretcher or element that he is using in Palm Beach County.


All Bookings requests should be sent in 3-5 days prior to transport

Patient Transportation Services in Lake Worth

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to your Member’s pick up address

  2. Place the wheelchair on the side of the bed with the footrests removed.

  3. The chair will be placed towards the foot of the bed and almost parallel to it.

  4. If the bed is very high and there is the possibility of lowering it, it will be lowered to the level of the wheelchair so as not to have to strain the back.

  5. The first and foremost thing is to break the pushchair before starting the transfer.

  6. Once the patient has been accommodated, the transfer will be carried out by pushing the chair from the back, except when entering or exiting an elevator.

  7. The exceptions to the direction of travel will be:

  8. To enter an elevator, the orderly will enter first by pulling the chair with his back to the elevator. To exit the elevator, the chair will be rotated inside the elevator whenever possible so that the orderly exits first and pulls the chair from outside.

  9. To go up a ramp, the orderly will push the chair from behind, so that the patient will go facing the march. However, to go down a ramp, the orderly will walk with his back to the ramp,

  10. Looking back occasionally to avoid falls and obstacles.

  11. When crossing swing doors or elastic leaves, the caretaker will turn the chair and he will pass before the patient, walking backwards.

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