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Types of Senior Transportation in Palm Beach County

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

There are many types of Senior Transportation Methods. Below are just a few:

Use a Medical Car: Very few patients today use their personal vehicle for medical travel. In order to encourage them to do so, the Primary Health Insurance Fund has launched a digital platform that facilitates procedures and accelerates reimbursements. In the department of Marche, the reimbursement period is only three days. As for other means of transport, it must be prescribed by a doctor, or follow a summons from the medical service of the Health Insurance. For the prescription of transport, it is the state of health first.

Use an ambulance: While certainly not the most affordable option, some seniors require an ambulance to get to and from the doctor. Unless he or she meets certain criteria, such as needing dialysis or being on hospice, Medicare and most private insurance won’t cover this service. For more on when Medicare will cover ambulance services, have a look at this resource on how coverage for ambulance services works.

Transfer by stretcher: If the patient is already on the stretcher, the transfer will be made directly. If the patient is in bed, he must first be moved from the bed to the stretcher. The most common way to make the transfer is to use a sheet "in between."

The sheet will be placed under the patient so that it reaches from the shoulders to the thighs. When the "intruded" sheet is on, it is rolled up on the sides, each person holding it tightly to move the patient to either side of the bed in the established order. The orderly must make sure that the bed and capstone are braked. Afterwards, transfer the patient to capstone.

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